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Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

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Brahmi is a 100% natural, pefficacious and safe nervine tonic that enhances learning, academic performance and improves mental ability. It acts as an anti-anxiety agent and is used in several mental disorders. Brahmi also calms restlessness in children.

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Also known as:  Bacopa Monnieri.


Brahmi is a 100% natural product which is a nervine tonic that enhances learning, academic performance and improves mental ability. It acts as an anti-anxiety agent and is used in several mental disorders.

Brahmi is a perfect medication in case of poor memory, disturbed concentration, stress and anxieties, fatigue and weakness, attention deficit disorder (ADD), Alzheimer's disease, arthritis and joint pains, cold and bronchitis.

Brahmi also calms restlessness in children.

Brahmi consists of such ingredients as: Brahmi Herbs.


Brahmi is available in capsules which are taken by mouth.

It is recommended to take 1 Brahmi capsule twice a day before meals.


If you overdose Brahmi and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Keep this medicine in the original bottle. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Brahmi are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Brahmi if you are allergic to Brahmi components.

Be careful with Brahmi if you take levothyroxine, propylthiouracil or methimizole.

Always give your health care provider a list of all the medicines, herbs, non-prescription drugs, or dietary supplements you use.

brahmi medicine

The specific role of sulfhydryl groups in cell-mediated cytotoxicity (CMC) is still unknown. Here we demonstrate that natural killer cells and lymphokine-activated killer cells, when incubated with phenylarsine oxide (PAO), an organoarsenic compound showed a dose- and time-dependent inhibition of CMC and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). PAO interacted directly with the effector cells (EC) without affecting the target cells (TC) or EC:TC conjugate formation. The loss of cytotoxicity was not due to lack of degranulation or to inhibition of serine esterases in PAO-treated cells. However, PAO inhibited the target-induced down regulation of phosphatidylinositol (PI) level in NK cells indicating that PAO blocked the cytolytic cascade at an early stage, upstream of PI. In addition, PAO also did not affect the disulfide link of the zeta-chain dimers, implicated in signal transduction in cytotoxic lymphocytes but did cause the rapid phosphorylation of the zeta chain. Finally, the effect of PAO on CMC was competitively blocked by dithiothreitol, a dithiol, but not by beta-mercaptoethanol, a mono-thiol. Taken together, these results indicate for the first time how sulfyhydryl groups may regulate CMC and ADCC.

brahmi oil reviews

Since 2002, library faculty at the Indiana University School of Medicine have taught third-year medical students how to retrieve the best evidence from MEDLINE to address their clinical questions. In preparation for their Neurology, Medicine, and Psychiatry clerkships, students attended a review of evidence-based medicine principles and techniques for searching the literature. The session was team-taught by two faculty members, one from the Internal Medicine department and the other from the Library. The librarian reviewed important MEDLINE principles for constructing a good subject search and applying appropriate evidence-based filters. During the clerkships, students were asked to generate clinical questions arising from their patient encounters, searched MEDLINE for the best evidence, critiqued the results, and then applied them back to their patients' care. Library faculty provided individualized feedback on the student searches. A follow-up session two months later reinforced MEDLINE principles, used student searches as examples, and extended the discussion to other evidence-based, point-of-care resources. To add to the interactivity of the follow-up sessions, librarians used an audience response system to measure students' understanding of literature retrieval techniques and to gauge student preferences for information seeking on clinical topics. Overall, the sessions have been well-received by the students.

brahmi 6000 review

Compact Disc Read-Only-Memory, CD-ROM, is a powerful resource which combines the best features of both online and print access to the literature: multiple access points and leisurely browsing (online accessibility without a modem or without its cost). Applied to the MEDLINE database, this technology has created a brand new market, one which is increasingly competitive and therefore evolving rapidly. Five MEDLINE and two non-MEDLINE products are reviewed. The MEDLINE products include: BRS/COLLEAGUE DISC, Compact Cambridge, Ebsco's Core MEDLINE, Online Research System's Compact Med-Base, and SilverPlatter's MEDLINE on CD-ROM. The two other products include: Institute for Scientific Information's SCI CD Edition and SilverPlatter's CANCER-CD. The market is still wide open and the buyer is wise to try before he buys. However, there are great differences between the various packagings of a rather familiar product. In our view, in terms of ease of use, SilverPlatter was the clear winner. Ebsco's product is attractive because of its containment on one CD. Med-Base is the most original and offers special features not found elsewhere. Finally, personal preference is a strong consideration and should not be overlooked.

brahmi tablets

In this study, PHA- and ConA-activated cells (PAC and CAC) were used as stimulators in mixed lymphocyte reactions (MLR) using autologous (auto) and allogeneic (allo) peripheral mononuclear cells as responders. PAC, but not CAC, were stimulatory in allo- and auto-MLR, and this stimulation was not due to residual PHA. In PAC which have been activated for 96 h, auto-MLR was due to determinants present on low density T-cell blasts, while with PAC which had been stimulated for more than 192 h, the determinants seemed to be associated with high density T cells. Anti-T3 monoclonal antibodies and certain anti-DR suppressed auto- and allo-MLR mediated by PAC when present throughout the entire MLR assays. CAC suppressed PAC-mediated auto-MLR in a dose-dependent fashion. This inhibition was not DR-restricted and was reversed by the addition of exogenous IL-2. Our results indicate that: depending upon the length of activation, both low density and high density PHA-activated T cells exhibited strong stimulatory capacity in auto-MLR; ConA-activated T cells failed to stimulate auto- or allo-MLR and suppressed MLR mediated by PAC; this suppression was due to suppressor cells, not to suppressor factors, and was readily reversed by exogenous IL-2; pretreatment of CAC with anti-TAC did not reverse the inhibition.

brahmi vati tablet

Most of the studies in this evidence base relied on surrogate measures of pregnancy risk and ranged in quality. For studies providing indirect evidence on the effects of missed CHCs, it is unclear how differences in surrogate measures correspond to pregnancy risk. Fewer studies examined the transdermal patch and vaginal ring than combined oral contraceptives.

brahmi buy

To assess the effect of herbal antimicrobial agents on Streptococcus mutans count in biofilm formations during orthodontic treatment.

brahmi syrup

Serie de casos.

brahmi capsule

Umbilical cord blood (UCB) is now widely accepted as a source of stem cells in patients with malignant hematologic and genetic disorders. We have recently reported that in a series of 30 pediatric UCB transplant recipients comparable outcome to that anticipated with other unrelated stem cell sources. In our series, however, the probability of GVHD for grade III-IV was 9% and no UCB recipient developed chronic GVHD. The reason for the low incidence of GVHD after UCB transplantation is not fully understood. Because functional NK cells are among the first population of lymphocytes to be detected in UCB transplant recipients, 2 months post-transplant on average, we wanted to establish whether NK cells could be implicated in reducing the risk of GVHD. Here, we confirm that early NK cells detected in UCB transplant recipients activate the granzyme/perforin lytic pathway and, in addition, they can mediate Fas/Fas ligand (FasL) activity, a finding not previously reported. Both pathways develop simultaneously and are detectable months before the other lymphocytes, notably CD8 are fully functional. Our contention, therefore, is that the low GVHD observed in UCB recipients may be partially due to early NK cells.

brahmi 500 mg

Multidrug resistance (MDR) in tumor cells is commonly associated wich the over-expression of P-glycoprotein (Pgp), the product of the MDR1 gene. In this study, we investigated whether over-expression of Pgp in natural killer (NK) cells would influence their granule- as well as fas-mediated cytolytic activities. YT-INDY, a human NK-like cell line, was transfected with the MDR 1 gene, then tested for Pgp activity the presence of various concentrations of R-verapamil, a potent Pgp inhibitor. We showed that, unlike control YT-INDY, the Pgp activity of the transfectants (YT-mdr(+)) was only partially inhibited by R-verapamil. We also showed that Fas lytic activity was unaltered and that the loss of granule-mediated cytotoxicity was not due to reduced LFA-1 expression or to a decrease in target cell (TC) binding. Our data indicate that Pgp may be involved in the release of cytotoxic molecules.

brahmi capsules

Metallodrugs (organometallic complexes) bearing at least one metal-carbon bond - represent original and powerful tools for diverse therapeutic applications based on the development of "bioorganometallic chemistry". To date, various metallodrugs were described with very interesting biological activities as antimalarials, antibacterials, neuroprotectors, against arthritis, for chemotherapy etc. Anticancer Pt-based drugs are the main complexes used in the treatment of several cancers, but unfortunately these complexes show elicit and severe toxicities and resistance effects. The remarkably unique and tunable properties of dendrimers have made them promising tools for diverse biomedical applications such as diagnostics, gene therapy and drug delivery including in oncology. Recent studies have shown that well designed dendritic carriers overcome such as poor solubility, permeability, biocompatibility, bioavailability and toxicity of the native drug. This review reports on the recent advances for the use of metallodrugs and dendritic based carriers (drug-dendrimer conjugates and drug encapsulation) in oncology. Advantages, limitations and opportunities in oncology of such materials are discussed and compared.

brahmi powder dosage

Studies on the toxicity of Mediterranean jellyfish have gained attention owing to their weak toxic properties. Our research has been mainly performed on the Scyphomedusae. Pelagia noctiluca is a scyphozoan jellyfish which causes a danger to sea bathers and fishery damages in the Mediterranean Sea. To check whether the cytotoxicity of Pelagia noctiluca nematocysts was associated to DNA lesions, we have looked for DNA fragmentation by means of the Comet and chromosome aberration assays. To specify cell death pathway, we have investigated caspase-3 activation. Our results have shown that nematocysts reduced cell viability and induced DNA fragmentation in a concentration-dependent manner with a maximum effect at 150 000 nematocysts mL(-1). The high percentage of chromosome aberrations also emphasized the genotoxic character of Pelagia noctiluca nematocysts in Vero cells. This fragmentation was correlated to apoptosis induction which was confirmed by caspase-3 activation. In conclusion, the present report has suggested that Pelagia noctiluca nematocysts were able to promote apoptosis in Vero cells and therefore may be useful in cancer therapy.

300 mg brahmi

Sera from normal human subjects are pooled and fractions are isolated by salt precipitation. The fraction responsible for agglutinating histamine bound latex particles is further purified by column chromatography. The histaminopectic activity can thus be traced to a single protein present in the IgG fraction of normal human serum. Its absence or the presence of an inhibitor in serum from allergic subjects is also sought as well as correlations between plasma concentrations of known immunoglobulins and specific histaminopectic activity. Some of its physical-chemical properties are explored. Evidence was also presented pointing to the possible presence of an inhibitor of the histaminopectic factor in human atopic serum.

brahmi ayurvedic medicine

A number of recent studies have shown that mouse target cells (TC) of hematopoietic origin, when exposed to cytotoxic lymphocytes, undergo double-stranded DNA fragmentation. The cause and relevance of the fragmentation remain controversial. In this study we generated a number of mouse (M-LAK) and human LAK (H-LAK) cells and exposed them to a variety of mouse and human TC. YAC and SP/2, 2 mouse TC underwent rapid and extensive fragmentation when lysed by either human or mouse LAK whereas K562 and Daudi, 2 human TC, under the same conditions did not. All 4 TC, however, were killed quite efficiently. Next we labeled TC with 125I-deoxyuridine, exposed them to LAK cells for up to 18 h and loaded the LAK:TC mixtures over an alkaline linear sucrose gradient. After lysing the cells with a lysis buffer containing Triton X-100 we showed that K562 that had been in contact with LAK cells for more than 1 h exhibited single-strand nicks. However, whereas double-strand fragmentation preceded chromium release (lytic activity), the appearance of single-strand nicks did not. Finally, protein synthesis was not required for either type of fragmentation. In summary, we have demonstrated that: (1) the ability to undergo DNA fragmentation is a property of the TC rather than the effector cells that mediated their death, and (2) K562 and Daudi, 2 human TC, undergo single-strand nicks when lysed by LAK cells whereas SP/2 and YAC, 2 mouse TC undergo double-strand fragmentation when exposed to the same syngeneic or xenogeneic effector cells.

daily dose brahmi

The analysis and plotting of graphs were carried out using Sigma Plot 12 (Systat Software Inc., USA). Values are expressed as Mean ± SEM (n = 6). One way analysis of variance followed by Student-Newman-Keul's multiple comparisons test was used for the comparison of means. A probability of 0.05 and less was taken as statistically significant.

brahmi drug interactions

A variety of primary and secondary malignant tumours may present in the liver. In clinical practice the most commonly encountered hepatic tumours are primary hepatocellular carcinoma, metastatic carcinoma and primary cholangiocarcinoma, each with its separate prognostic and management implications. When these tumours are poorly differentiated and the biopsy size is limited to a needle core, the distinction can be extremely difficult.

brahmi reviews

A versatile new method for the preparation of NHC boranes starting from two stable, readily available reactants-an heterocyclic salt and an amine or phosphine-borane-is reported. It uses a Lewis base exchange at boron and provides easy access to new NHC boranes, in particular B-substituted borane ones.

brahmi syrup patanjali

A retrospective study (35 months), including all adult patients admitted for an isolated intoxication by a TCA or a related drug. The statistical analysis of clinical signs and history as well as ECG abnormalities included parameters recorded in emergency rooms.

brahmi pills

Drug-induced liver injury is a major challenge in treating tuberculosis with isoniazid (INH) and rifampicin (RIF). This study was aimed at evaluating the protective effects of Bacopamonnieri (Brahmi) against INH and RIF-induced hepatotoxicity in a rat model and also to study the patterns of interaction between pregnane X receptor (PXR) and chosen active compounds of B. monnieri. Hepatotoxicity was induced in the experimental animals by the oral administration of INH and RIF (50 mg/kg b.w. each/day) for 28 days. The effects of co-administration of B. monnieri (500 mg/kg b.w./day) in INH- and RIF-induced rats were studied by the estimation of biochemical analyses. The standard hepatoprotective drug silymarin (25 mg/kg b.w./day) was used for the purpose of comparison. In silico docking experiments were carried out using the PatchDock server and the results were analysed on the PyMol molecular viewer. There was significant reduction in the antioxidant status of INH and RIF-induced rats. Also, there was significant elevation in the levels of serum liver function markers in the INH- and RIF-induced rats. B. monnieri was able to normalise the tested parameters. In silico studies reveal significant interaction between PXR and bacopaside I. B. monnieri exerts significant protective effects against INH and RIF-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.

brahmi dosage

Fas ligand (FasL)-mediated cytotoxicity is initiated in natural killer (NK) cells through ligation of their activating receptors. The CD16 receptor has been shown to induce FasL expression and cytotoxicity in NK cells. In this study, we made the novel observation that FasL expression was upregulated in NKL cells stimulated through 2B4 and LFA-1 activating receptors, implying a role for FasL-mediated cytotoxicity early in the immune response. Coligation with CD94/NKG2A human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I inhibitory receptor did not block the induced FasL expression; therefore, these opposing pathways appear to function independently. We also showed, however, that FasL-mediated cytotoxicity was downregulated in CD94/NKG2A-expressing LAK cells in response to the HLA-E ligand, suggesting a mechanism by which aberrant cells expressing class I may evade FasL-mediated cytotoxicity. Thus we show for the first time that 2B4, LFA-1, and CD94/NKG2A receptors are involved in modulating FasL expression and, therefore, cytotoxicity mediated by NK cells.

brahmi oil review

To determine the feasibility of recruiting and retaining participants in a clinical trial on shirodhara, Ayurvedic oil dripping therapy, for insomnia in the United States and also to investigate the therapeutic usefulness of Shirodhara for insomnia using standardized outcome measures.

brahmi medicine

It seems that medical doctors should ask patients about their use of complementary medicine when they obtain medical history and they need to know more about complementary medicine to offer better consultation. Complementary medicine must benefit, as well as conventional medicine, from scientific studies to evaluate potential benefits, toxicity and interactions with the conventional treatment to enable the oncologist better inform his patients.

brahmi oil reviews

The indazole system in each of the two independent mol-ecules of the title compound, C(10)H(8)ClN(3)O(2), is planar (r.m.s. deviations = 0.005 and 0.005 Å). The nitro group is coplanar with the fused-ring system [dihedral angles = 1.3 (3) and 4.8 (3) Å].

brahmi 6000 review

Bacopa monnieri is an outstanding nervine tonic used for raising the mental performance. It helps in concentration, comprehension, recall and alertness, Brahmi is particularly beneficial as it aids in categorizing information in brain and its subsequent expression. Bacopa is also called as a natural antioxidant which may give details its neuroprotective role seen in the memory centers of the brain. Epilepsy is neuronal disorder characterized by learning, cognitive and memory impairments. The present review summarizes information concerning botany, chemistry and beneficial effect of Bacopa monnieri on epilepsy associated behavioral deficits.

brahmi tablets

We searched MEDLINE, POPLINE, EMBASE and LILACS databases from inception through April 2011 for peer-reviewed articles containing evidence related to pregnancy outcomes among women who conceived while using copper (Cu) and levonorgestrel-releasing (LNG) IUDs.

brahmi vati tablet

Después del dolor, el insomnio es una de las quejas más habituales a las que se enfrentan los médicos de atención primaria. El tratamiento no farmacológico y no invasivo del insomnio está ganando interés entre los pacientes con insomnio.

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brahmi reviews 2016-07-13

A retrospective study (35 months), including all adult patients admitted for an isolated intoxication by a TCA or a related drug. The statistical analysis of clinical signs and history as well as ECG abnormalities included buy brahmi parameters recorded in emergency rooms.

brahmi medicine 2016-11-28

The convolution associated with memory is being resolved with advancement in neuroscience. According to the concurrent assumptions, synaptic plasticity forms one of the basis of memory formation, stabilization and strengthening. In Alzheimer's disease (AD), which is generally characterized by memory dysfunction, connections amongst the cells in the brain are attenuated or lost leading to degeneration of neural networks. Numerous attempts have been made to find new therapies for memory dysfunction with increasing attention and investments being laid on herbal drugs. Many herbal plants and buy brahmi extracts have already documented beneficial results when tested for antiamnesic effects. Brahmi (Bacopa monniera) is one such common herbal drug, which is employed for a long time in the Indian and Chinese medical system in order to treat several disorders. Previous research has shown that Brahmi exerts many pharmacological effects including memory boosting capacity in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and Schizophrenia, exhibiting antiparkinsonian, antistroke, and anticonvulsant potentials. The present review discusses the chemical constituents of Brahmi along with in vitro and in vivo studies based on the pharmacological effects exerted by it. The efficacy of Brahmi in treating various disorders has evoked sufficient research in recent years and now it is a time to launch multiple clinical trials.

brahmi syrup patanjali 2017-07-14

An antibody panel consisting of HepPar1, pCEA, CK19 and CK7 together with either buy brahmi MOC31 or mCEA is recommended for use in the differential diagnosis of HCC, MA and CC.

brahmi dosage 2016-12-04

Soft tissue and visceral sarcoma gather a large group of rare to very rare cancers and locally aggressive connective tissue tumours. Novel concepts on histological and molecular classification, optimal management of patients, systemic adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatment have been emerging in the last 5 years. In the present publication, we review and summarise significant changes which impact buy brahmi on disease management in this group of rare cancers.

brahmi drug interactions 2015-07-19

Four studies met our inclusion criteria (Level I, poor to II-2, poor). Two studies examined the effect of a specific follow-up visit schedule on intrauterine device (IUD) continuation: one examining frequency of visits and one examining the timing of the first follow-up visit. Women with more frequent follow-up visits did not have a statistically significant difference in proportion of removals for medical reasons compared with women who had fewer follow-up visits; among women who had their IUDs removed for medical reasons, those who had more frequent follow-up visits had a longer mean time of use prior to removal. The other study found more removals and shorter continuation among women with a follow-up visit at 1 week compared to women with a follow-up visit at 1 month after IUD insertion (no statistical tests reported). Two studies examined the effect of follow-up buy brahmi phone calls compared to no follow-up phone calls after an initial family planning visit among adolescents initiating a variety of contraceptive methods. Neither of the two studies found any differences in method continuation or correct use between study groups.

brahmi ayurvedic medicine 2016-03-09

Rationale. Bacopa monnieri, popularly known as Brahmi, has been buy brahmi traditionally used in Ayurveda since ages for its memory enhancing properties. However, data on placebo-controlled trial of Bacopa monnieri on intellectual sample is scarce. Hence this study was planned to evaluate the effect of Bacopa monnieri on memory of medical students for six weeks. Objective. To evaluate the efficacy of Bacopa monnieri on memory of medical students with six weeks' administration. Method and Material. This was a randomized double blind placebo-controlled noncrossover, parallel trial. Sixty medical students of either gender from second year of medical school, third term, regular batch, were enrolled from Government Medical College, Nagpur, India. Baseline biochemical and memory tests were done. The participants were randomly divided in two groups to receive either 150 mg of standardized extract of Bacopa monnieri (Bacognize) or matching placebo twice daily for six weeks. All baseline investigations were repeated at the end of the trial. Students were followed up for 15 days after the intervention. Results. Statistically significant improvement was seen in the tests relating to the cognitive functions with use of Bacopa monnieri. Blood biochemistry also showed a significant increase in serum calcium levels (still within normal range).

brahmi oil reviews 2016-08-05

All liver tumours reported between 1994 and 2004 were examined. Slides from each case were tested buy brahmi separately with each of nine antibodies (HepPar1, CD10, MOC31, Villin, pCEA, mCEA, CK7, CK19, and CK20).

brahmi powder dosage 2017-12-03

Natural killer (NK) cells play an important role in innate and adaptive immune responses to obligate intracellular pathogens. Nevertheless, the regulation of NK cell trafficking and migration to inflammatory sites is poorly understood. Exodus-1/MIP-3alpha/LARC, Exodus-2/6Ckine/SLC, and Exodus-3/MIP-3beta/ELC/CKbeta-11 are CC chemokines that share a unique aspartate-cysteine-cysteine-leucine motif near their amino terminus and preferentially stimulate the migration of T lymphocytes. The effects of Exodus chemokines on human NK cells were examined. Exodus-1 buy brahmi , -2, and -3 did not induce detectable chemotaxis of resting peripheral blood NK cells. In contrast, Exodus-2 and -3 stimulated migration of polyclonal activated peripheral blood NK cells in a dose-dependent fashion. Exodus-2 and -3 also induced dose-dependent chemotaxis of NKL, an IL-2-dependent human NK cell line. Results of modified checkerboard assays indicate that migration of NKL cells in response to Exodus-2 and -3 represents true chemotaxis and not simply chemokinesis. Exodus-1, -2, and -3 did not induce NK cell proliferation in the absence of other stimuli. Nevertheless, Exodus-2 and -3 significantly augmented IL-2-induced proliferation of normal human CD56(dim) NK cells. In contrast, Exodus-1, -2, and -3 did not affect the cytolytic activity of resting or activated peripheral blood NK cells. Expression of message for CCR7, a shared receptor for Exodus-2 and -3, was detected in activated polyclonal NK cells and NKL cells but not resting NK cells. Taken together, these results indicate that Exodus-2 and -3 can participate in the recruitment and proliferation of activated NK cells. Exodus-2 and -3 may regulate interactions between T cells and NK cells that are crucial for the generation of optimal immune responses.

brahmi syrup 2016-03-18

In an attempt to identify the ingredients (of the complex formulation), which purveyed the cognitive benefits, we studied two of the constituent herbs, Brahmi and Mandookaparni buy brahmi , separately and together. The experiments included both active (piracetam) and inactive (vehicle) controls.

300 mg brahmi 2017-08-17

Bacopa monniera Wettst. (syn. Herpestis monniera L.; Hindi - Brahmi) is classified in Ayurveda, the classical Indian system of medicine, as Medhyarasayana, a group of plant derived drugs used as nervine tonics to promote mental health and improve memory and intellect. Earlier experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated the memory-promoting action of the plant extracts and that of its active saponins, bacoside A and B. The present study was designed to investigate the anxiolytic activity of a standardized extract (bacoside A content 25.5 ± 0.8%) of B. monniera (BM), since the plant is used in Ayurveda in clinical conditions resembling the modern concept of anxiety disorders. The animal models used buy brahmi have been extensively validated as experimental models of anxiety and included the open-field, elevated plusmaze, social interaction and novelty-suppressed feeding latency tests in rats. BM was used at doses of 5, 10 and 20 mg/kg, p.o. and the results were compared with those elicited by lorazepam, a well known benzodiazepine anxiolytic, used at a dose of 0.5 mg/kg, i.p. BM produced a dose-related anxiolytic activity, qualitatively comparable to that of lorazepam, in all the test parameters. However, statistically significant results were elicited usually by the higher two doses of BM. BM did not produce any significant motor deficit, at the doses used, as was evidenced by using the rota-rod test. The findings correlate with the clinical use of the plant in Ayurveda. The advantage of B. monniera over the widely used benzodiazepine anxiolytics lies in the fact that it promotes cognition unlike the amnesic action of the latter.

brahmi tablets 2015-01-12

Antibodies secreted by individual immune cells were collected focally in very thin "original" and "imprint" layers of agar containing the target antigen, sheep erythrocytes. Identical treatment of both layers led to mirror image patterns of hemolytic plaques. Development of one layer for immunoglobulin M hemolysins and the other for immunoglobulin G buy brahmi hemolysins produced unrelated plaque patterns indicating that few, if any, cells simultaneously release substantial amounts of both gammaM and gammaG antibodies.

brahmi capsules 2015-10-06

The treatment caused reduction in motility, viability, morphology, buy brahmi and number of spermatozoa in cauda epididymidis. Histologically, testes in mice treated with the plant extract showed alterations in the seminiferous tubules, and the alterations included intraepithelial vacuolation, loosening of germinal epithelium, exfoliation of germ cells and occurrence of giant cells. In severe cases, the tubules were lined by only Sertoli cells or Sertoli cells, spermatogonia and spermatocytes. Significant reductions were also noted in height of the germinal epithelium and diameter of the seminiferous tubules in Brahmi-treated mice compared to controls. Epididymis in treated males showed slight alterations in histological appearance. The treatment had no effect on levels of testosterone, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase and creatinine in blood serum, hematological parameters and on liver and kidney histoarchitecture. In Brahmi-treated males, libido remained unaffected, but fertility was notably suppressed. The alterations caused in the above reproductive endpoints by the plant extract were reversible, and by 56 days of treatment withdrawal, the parameters recovered to control levels.

brahmi vati tablet 2015-12-04

Family medicine programs can be successful at developing required abortion Aciphex Tablets training. Collaboration with colleagues inside and outside the family medicine department and with receptive training sites will benefit programs interested in such.

brahmi capsule 2015-01-05

The sol-gel co-condensation of organo-phosphonates to titanium alkoxides enables access to novel organic-inorganic hybrids based on phosphonate-bridged titanium dioxide. In this contribution, we bring new perspectives to the long established sol-gel mineralization of titanium alkoxide species, by harnessing the virtues of the well-designed phosphonate-terminated phosphorus dendrimers as reactive amphiphilic nanoreactor, confined medium and cross-linked template to generate discrete crystalline anatase nanoparticles at low temperature (T = 60 °C). An accurate investigation on several parameters (dendrimer generation, dendrimer-to-titanium alkoxide ratio, precursor reactivity, temperature, solvent nature, salt effect) allows a correlation between the network condensation, the opening porous framework and the Claritin 20 Mg crystalline phase formation. The evolution of the dendrimer skeleton upon heat treatment has been deeply monitored by means of (31)P NMR, XPS and Raman spectroscopy. Increasing the heteroatom content within a titania network provides the driving force for enhancing their photocatalytic water splitting ability for hydrogen production.

daily dose brahmi 2015-09-03

Cognitive deficit is a significant problem, which finally occurs in all schizophrenic patients. It can not be attenuated by any antipsychotic drugs. It is well known that changes of neuronal density are correlated with learning and memory deficits. Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi), popularly known as a cognitive enhancer; might be a novel therapeutic agentfor cognitive deficit in schizophrenia by changing cerebral neuronal density. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of Brahmi on attenuation at cognitive deficit and on the Flomax Max Dose neuronal density in the prefrontal cortex, striatum and cornu ammonis subfield 1 (CA1) and 2/3 (CA2/3) of hippocampus in sub-chronic phencyclidine (PCP) rat model of schizophrenia.

brahmi oil review 2017-08-28

We conducted a systematic review to assess whether follow-up visits or contacts after a woman Stromectol Ivermectin Buy begins using contraception improve method continuation and correct use.

brahmi buy 2017-11-18

MD Consult is the latest one-stop shop for clinical information. It has assembled MEDLINE, full-text journals and textbooks, clinical practice guidelines, patient information, and CME courses for the clinician in one location on the Web. This service is reviewed from the perspective of the clinician and for use at the reference desk. For the clinician, MD Consult is an authoritative, convenient, easy-to-use, and inexpensive service. For the librarian, it is important to become familiar Cymbalta Drug Price with its features in order to form an opinion about the product. Features and pricing are discussed.

brahmi 500 mg 2015-05-05

65 patients without underlying cardiovascular history were retrieved (mean age 30 + 12 years). The intoxication was intentional in all cases, and the mean estimated taken dosage (ETD) was at 749 + 436 mg. Amitriptyline was the most common drug (66%) followed by clomipramine (29%). The cardiovascular examination noted a tachycardia in 63% of cases (mean HR - 108 + 13 bpm), followed by hypotension (SBP = 80 + 40 mmHg) in 11% of cases. The ECG showed a sinus tachycardia (63%), a PR prolongation (>200 ms) in 28% of cases, a MSE (15.4%) and a type-I aspect of Brugada syndrome (15.4%). The analysis of influence of ETD on HR showed a linear relationship, with the equation HR = 82.276 + 0 Topamax Highest Dose .039 EDT (mg) (R2=0.138, p=0.001). Analyzing the influence of type of drug on ECG abnormalities revealed a more tachycardia effect of amitryptiline vs. clomipramine (p=0.047).

brahmi pills 2015-12-24

The present study deals with standardization of an in-house standard preparation and three marketed samples of Brahmi vati, which is a traditional medicine known to be effective in mental disorders, convulsions, weak memory, high fever and hysteria. Preparation and standardization have been done by following modern scientific quality control procedures for raw material and the finished products. The scanning electron microscopic (SEM) analysis showed the reduction of metals and minerals (particle size range 2-5 µm) which indicates the proper preparation of bhasmas, the important ingredient of Brahmi vati. Findings of EDX analysis of all samples of Brahmi vati suggested the absence of Gold, an important constituent of Brahmi vati in two marketed samples. All the samples of Brahmi vati were subjected to quantitative estimation of Bacoside A (marker compound) by HPTLC technique. Extraction of the samples was done in methanol Brahmi 6000 Review and the chromatograms were developed in Butanol: Glacial acetic acid: water (4.5:0.5:5 v/v) and detected at 225nm. The regression analysis of calibration plots of Bacoside A exhibited linear relationship in the concentration range of 50-300 ng, while the % recovery was found to be 96.06% w/w, thus proving the accuracy and precision of the analysis. The Bacoside A content in the in-house preparation was found to be higher than that of the commercial samples. The proposed HPTLC method was found to be rapid, simple and accurate for quantitative estimation of Bacoside A in different formulations. The results of this study could be used as a model data in the standardization of Brahmi vati.

brahmi 6000 review 2015-06-05

KIT (L541) genotype is associated with a higher Clomid And Alcohol risk of metastasis at diagnosis and a higher risk of relapse in GIST patients.

brahmi reviews 2015-12-23

Some findings of the origin of the Brahami and Tamil scripts are presented in this paper.

brahmi medicine 2017-05-21

There is wide variability in the percent of women having correct knowledge on what to do when pills are missed after exposure to written missed pills instructions, with more women knowing what to do after missing 1 pill than after missing 2 or 3 pills. Women have difficulty understanding missed pill instructions contained in patient package inserts. Providing written brochures with information on missed pill instructions in addition to contraceptive counseling may improve knowledge of how to manage missed pills. Graphic-based missed pill instructions and those containing less information may result in improved comprehension. Even with clear instructions, many women missing pills may choose not to follow the recommended actions.

brahmi syrup patanjali 2015-11-25

To determine the occurrence of carbapenem-resistantAcinetobacter baumanniiin fish fished from the Mediterranean Sea near the Bejaia coast (Algeria), we studied 300 gills and gut samples that had been randomly and prospectively collected during 1 year. After screening on selective agar media, using PCR arrays and whole-genome sequencing, we identified for the first time two OXA-23-producingA. baumanniistrains belonging to the widespread sequence type 2 (ST2)/international clone II and harboring aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes [aac(6')-Ib andaac(3')-I genes].

brahmi dosage 2016-10-22

REGARDING THE DEFINITION: The primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) - autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) overlap syndrome is defined by the simultaneous or consecutive association of at least two of three diagnostic criteria usually recognized in both pathologies. The prevalence of this syndrome is of the order of 8-20% of all the CBP and HAI diagnosed as such.

brahmi drug interactions 2015-10-01

B. monnieri improves myocardial function following ischemia/reperfusion injury through recovery of coronary blood flow, contractile force and decrease in infarct size. Thus this may lead to a novel cardioprotectant strategy.

brahmi ayurvedic medicine 2015-11-24

We have investigated the kinetics of inhibition and regeneration of human natural killer (NK) cell-mediated lysis of K562, a human erythroleukemia cell line, by the potent tumor-promoting agent phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate (PMA). It is shown that PMA inhibits NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity (CMC) in a dose-dependent manner whether the compound is present throughout the 4-hr cytotoxic assay or the effector cells (EC) are pretreated with PMA. Pretreatment of the target cells (TC) with PMA produced a different profile of NK activity suggesting that PMA inhibition of NK-CMC is primarily due to the inactivation of EC. PMA-induced inhibition of NK-CMC does not affect TC binding and is not circumvented by compounds that enhance intracellular levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) or calcium. Furthermore, and contrary to a recent report, PMA-induced inhibition of NK-CMC is independent of monocytes. Finally, kinetic studies revealed that PMA-induced inhibition of NK-CMC occurs rapidly and is fully reversible provided that "regenerated EC" are thoroughly washed, prior to the cytotoxic assay, to rid the cell suspension of residual PMA. The potential implications of these results to the currently accepted theory of TC destruction by NK cells, the stimulus-secretion model, are discussed.